May 09, 2014

Knock Offs a NoNo

This comes from a RL experience. I thought I'd share My opinion on the matter.

So you want to buy your Mistress a lovely gift. A new Louis Vuitton handbag, a sexy pair of Louboutins, or in My subs case, a lovely new necklace from Tiffany & Co. Wonderful! your thinking the right way! But you can not afford the price tag. So you look around and find "inspired" merchandise. Fakes, knock offs.

Tisk, tisk. Bad boy.

I can tell the difference at first glance between Tiffany Blue, and this shade of robin egg blue you just tried to pass off as the real thing. I haven't even seen the inferior piece of jewelry yet. This My dear has just earned you a week of no contact with Me. I take it as you trying to insult My intelligence.

Now, it is not that everything you buy HAS to be top shelf merchandise. But knock offs are a no no. If you can not afford the Tiffany, Vuitton, or Louboutins, I would much rather you save your money and then buy it. Or find a nice, equally as beautiful piece from a lesser designer. There are many out there. your Ms. likes Louboutins? you can't afford them? Betsey Johnson makes a lovely line of shoes that cost just as much as a pair of Louboutin knock offs. I guarantee you she will appreciate this much more. As a matter of fact one of the best gifts I ever received was from a sub, who knew I liked the red bottoms, and could not afford them. he bought a pair of Bordello stilettos and had them hand painted with a wonderful design on the sole using red as the over all theme. How wonderful. he took his limited resources and made a gift I truly adored.

I must say that I do believe that most who tribute knock offs to a Mistress are just trying to impress her by attempting to appear wealthy. I understand the need to impress. But its not impressive. Putting thought into your purchase is what impresses.

Other than straight materialism, there are other reasons not to buy knock offs. Here are just a few I took from

1.  Counterfeiting robs the U.S. alone of more than $200 billion a year. It's a cash, tax-free business; legitimate citizens like yourself will still get stuck paying taxes, while counterfeiters line their pockets at your expense.

2. Terrorists, gangs and organized crime syndicates all profit from selling counterfeit merchandise. Sometimes designer handbag knockoffs are lined with drugs and used for smuggling things like heroin, too. There is also evidence that the bombing of the World Trade Center in '93 was funded by the sale of counterfeit apparel.
3. You might realize that things like knockoff toys or electronics are an unsafe idea, but did you know that even items such as fake sunglasses can hurt you. According to IACC counterfeit sunglasses can shatter easily; they may fail to provide UV protection as advertised.
Now what of the sub that gave Me such heinous gift? 

he is being ignored until he fixes the problem. I explained to him My views, he agreed and vowed not to make the mistake again. I could care less if he shows up with costume jewelry he bought from Dillards, just as long as it isn't knock offs. Betsey Johnson merchandise will do just fine. 

May 05, 2014


I had such a great time last night, hanging out with friends and seeing My favorite band, Ghost. I absolutely love going to concerts. Music runs through My veins. 

Of course I have to always bring home a souvenir. It's always a concert flier or gig poster. I am so lucky I got this limited edition poster, made only for the New Orleans show by the amazing Vance Kelly! They sold out before the opening band played. Check out his other works here-

May 01, 2014


I think this will be added to my session play list.

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