June 28, 2014

So you want to serve Me

So you want to serve Me?

That's wonderful!

I get several messages a day on different sites from potential subs all telling Me how beautiful and powerful I am and how much they would just love to serve a Goddess like Me. BUT they can't afford Me, or are to far away to serve in RL, yadda yadda yadda...


Well what is service?

Anything that helps Me. It's not play. Your not serving Me when you stick ice cubes up your ass on Skype. Sure its funny and gives Me some entertainment. Hell, I might even get off on it but I can get anyone to do that! So its not really service.

What I want, and what you should want too, is to bring some ease into My life. One way you can do that is by tributes of gifts or money. I'm not suggesting financial domination here. Its not an obligation. It makes it easier on Me when someone chooses a gift from My wishlist. Its shopping I don't have to do and generally its something I plan on using for a photo shoot or just makes Me happy. Monetary tributes I can use to pay for My website site and advertising to further My business adventures. 

Money isn't the only way either My dear! I love art. If you fancy yourself an artist, draw or paint Me something. My walls are filled with art from local artist and adoring fans. I even have a collection of taxidermy! I love it when people use their imagination to impress Me. I also enjoy poetry. I wouldn't mind having a few original fantasy stories written by you to add to My site either. 

Be original and get My attention. I always reward very well.

June 27, 2014

RIP Wild Cherry

aka Frieda LaBreche

If you know Me, you know My love for burlesque. 

Cherry was a burlesque dancer who played Bourbon Street beginning in the late 1950s. I never got to see her perform a strip tease, but I did get to see her comedy act with Bustout Burlesque a few times. I even had the honor of meeting her, chatting and getting an autographed picture. She was something else. You could tell she loved what she did and was so happy to meet her fans. 

This brings a tear to My eyes. The world truly has lost a strong, fierce woman.

June 26, 2014

Open Session

I've had a last minute cancellation for My Friday 2pm session. In call only. Conatact Me for details.


June 14, 2014

I'm too expensive you say?

So I recently got an email saying the items in My boutique are over priced.

Well then, don't buy anything. I have no intention of budging on My prices. I do see many girls out there selling their items for much less than I. But also their items are of lesser quality than Mine. you won't be receiving legs avenue stockings when you buy from Me. I am a SIL and Wolford addict. Nor will there be any cover girl lipstick or wet&wild. My skin is prone to hives from cheap makeup. My thongs cost Me $20 a pop and considering they've been marinated in the essence that is Me makes them worth much more. My stripper heels generally cost much more than $150. I HAVE TO HAVE THE BEST!

And yes - I have EVERY intention of making a profit off of My used items.

I am a business woman at heart and there is no way I will settle on taking less than what I paid for My things brand new. Shipping and handling are always included in the price. Not to mention the time it takes out of My days of leisure to go to the ups store to send these items off. I don't mind doing it, but I am taking a break from My hobbies to do something for you. Feel privileged I even allow you the opportunity to purchase My things. I take your money and then invest it into My ever growing business. I buy more lipstick and stockings to sell back to you and other perverts. I pay for My web hosting and advertising with your money. I buy copyrights and LLC's. I buy camera equipment to take more pictures for you to buy. your money isn't used to pay My private bills or buy Me food. Its being reinvested in Me to grow a legitimate adult entertain business staring Myself.

Me showing off a new red colour from Smashbox. <3 br="">

June 04, 2014

What happens when you lie to Me.

He stumbled behind Me. I looked back just in time to see him grab the railing on the stairs.

"Keep your eyes on the steps fool. That is what happens when you watch My ass instead of where your going," I scowled.

"Yes, Ms." he said as he turned his focus on the narrow staircase.

It was dark. Only a small strip of rope lighting made the drop on the stairs visible. I was having a difficult time Myself maneuvering them in the eight inch stilettos I wore. Why on earth they had decided to paint them black was beyond me. I could see a lawsuit waiting to happen.

We reached the third floor and I led him to My favorite room, the one in the back with the vintage french couch and pool table. It had a huge mirror on one wall angled at just the right degree to get a beautiful view of Myself as I worked.

Brian was there. Our house bitch. He stood on his ladder pulling at an eye screw I had asked him to install earlier. Everything had to be discrete. This wasn't a dungeon after all. It was conveniently placed in an area that if a fern or something was hung from it no one would be the wiser. Brian lifted himself off of his ladder letting his full weight hang, testing the strength of the hold.

"I think it will hold," he said with satisfaction. I had never seen a gay man be so proud of himself for putting up a screw. "Do you want me to get your suitcase from your locker?"

"Yes, and could you get Mindy to bring up a bottle of champagne. Dom. Not that cheap stuff she brought last time."

" I don't think I brought enough cash to cove-"

"You will put it on your card then," I cut the fool off.

"Ok then," Brian headed toward the door. "I will get your suitcase Ms. and send Mindy up with a tray. One or two glasses this time?"

" Oh I think the fool here will only be drinking My champagne, so just one."

Brian left and I turned My attention to the fool, who had ,foolishly taken a seat on the couch. "Did I tell you to sit?"

"No Ms."

"I didn't think so. Off of my couch with your filthy ass." Promptly he dropped to the floor. "What did you bring Me today?"

The fool opened his jacket and pulled out a large, thick manila envelope and placed it on the coffee table in front of Me. I picked it up and opened it to find four new packs of My favorite stockings, and a thousand dollars cash. Perfect.

"you did bring an additional three hundred for the room, right? I'm not paying them with My gifts."

"Yes, Ma'am. I learned my lesson from last time. I brought an extra five hundred. I had to miss a car payment. They might repossess it if I don't make a payment soon."

"What have I told you about referring to yourself as 'I' and 'me,' hum?"

"Not to, Ma'am. This fool is truly foolish."

"Yes, I know." I took his chin in my hand a pulled his gaze to me. "you really need to get rid of that car anyhow. Sell it, and buy something around two grand. The rest of the money you get from the sell, I want."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Did you bring stockings for yourself to wear today," I asked.

"No Ma'am. I...I..." he stumbled "this fool left them in the car and this fools wife found them. This fool is in such a bad way, Ma'am."

"See. This is why you are a fool. Only fools do stupid stuff like leaving stockings where their wives can find them. I have an old pair in My case you can wear."

The fool nodded. "Thank you, Ma'am."

There was soft knocking on the door. It was Mindy. The door cracked open and I could see her peeping through.

"HIIIIII," her girlish greeting. Her little warning that she was about to swing the door wide open for any one passing to see the debauchery that could be going on at any time. She came in carrying her tray, heavy for her small frame. She always seemed to manage though. Plopping down the wine bucket and My glass she looked at the fool and asked,"oh, your on the bandwagon,huh?"

The fool didn't answer and stared at the floor.

"Yeah, the foolish prick gets stupid and starts thinking I would actually want a relationship," I laughed.

"O.k. then. The room for the hour is three hundred and bottle service is an additional three," Mindy stated as she held out her hand. "Cash or credit?"

"He will be paying with credit and tipping you with cash. Cough it up, fool," I demanded.

He reached into his back pocket and fumbled for his wallet. Pulled out his visa and a wad of hundred dollar bills.

The fool thought I didn't see them .

"Uh huh, you trying to be a cheap bastard again aren't you," I snatched the money out of his hand. Began counting. One, two, three....

There was eight hundred.

"Now tell Me, am I losing My mind or did I hear you say you only brought five hundred, fool?"

"Yes Ma'am. This fool lied."

I smacked him hard in the stomach. "What did I tell you about lying to Me?"

"There would be consequences, Ma'am."

"Yeah. And your going to pay big time you foolish idiot," I changed My tone. No longer was I understanding and will to be generous. "Mindy, go ahead a ring everything up on his card. This fool here wants you to get an additional grand in funny money too."

Mindy looked a bit shocked. She was rather vanilla and new to the adult industry as well. She looked at the fool to see if this was going to be okay with him. He nodded.

"O.k then. I shall return." She took the card and skipped out of the room. Always so damned perky.

As she left, brian returned with My case. It wasn't very big and only carried a few of My essential BDSM toys. A collar and leash. A few floggers. Blindfolds. Of course a chain I would have brian attach to the hook he had just installed for Me. He set to work.

I dug through My case and found a pair of old pantyhose I had stashed in there for just this type of occasion. They were nude in colour and stretched out. The feet wear stained slightly black from the pig suede that lined My heels. Brian left and I tosses the stockings at the fool.

"Undress and put these on."

He took off his jacket and began to undo his clothing. He was not unattractive. Mid thirties. Medium build. It was obvious he kept up with his appearance mostly for his job. Always wore a suit. I didn't know too much about him except he worked for one of the oil refineries. Corporate work. I really didn't care as long as he gave Me what I wanted.

He slipped on My pantyhose. They were tight and a smashed his semi hard cock into an odd shape against his body. I couldn't help but laugh.

"They're too small," the fool  said.

"Well next time don't leave them in your car for anyone to find. Besides you could have bought something on your way in. So My dirty laundry will just have to do. Face the corner."

He turned and faced the corner where brian had attached a chain to the eye hook . I pushed the fool there and took a spreader bar from My case. I cuffed both wrist to the bar and hooked it to the hanging chain.

Now there the fool was, naked in nothing but My stockings. Completely vulnerable.

I took a sip of My champagne.

"I could do a lot to you right now. I could kick you in you pathetic excuse for a cock. I could spank you."

I pulled out My tawse and placed it out on the pool table. It was his favorite weapon I used on him. His cock stiffened at the sight of it. I knew he loved impact play and that of course was why he came to Me. I pulled out the blindfold I liked to use in these scenarios. Just as I placed it on the pool table I heard the light knocking and the door crack again.

"HIIII," came Mindys' sweet little warning and the door flung open. She stepped in and immediately spotted fool, bound and naked. "Oh, wow! You must have gotten yourself into some trouble," she giggled nervously.

"Oh yes. He sure did." I took another sip of champagne. "Tell Me, Mindy. You like to play pool?"

I saw the fool take a deep breath and bow his head before he let out a sigh of disappointment. He knew he was being truly punished. This wasn't going to be his usual little session he came for.

"Sure, I love to play," she clapped her hands. "I've got his funny money."

"My funny money now," I said as I started placing the billiards on the table. "Mindy My dear, were going to half this cash and the funny money. Then were going to play each other for just the funny money. Deal?"

"What about him," she pointed at the fool.

"He's a fool. He lied to Me so he gets nothing," I picked up the blindfold and walked over to him."He doesn't even get to watch us have a good time gambling his money away."

June 02, 2014

For the pantysniffer!

Sending out a pair of vacuum sealed panties today!
Hope you enjoy sniffing My dirty laundry napoleon!