March 28, 2014

I have been busy moving for the past week or so. Moving defiantly adheres to the laws of Murphy. The hard part is over, but now I'm just getting every thing set up. Internet and phone service is scheduled to be installed next Tuesday.  That of course means I can start posting more often as I've been working from my tab, and I can do cam shows & take calls on Niteflirt.

March 15, 2014

New NiteFlirt PTV

Want to see the rest of the photos from the article?

I just added new PTV sets to my Niteflirt account and all at a mere $5.

Me Looking absolutely gorgeous in Vintage French Heel Stockings and hand painted stilettos. 

March 14, 2014

Flash Back Friday

So here I am packing to move (10 Days!) and I run across some old photos of myself. This was taken in my early 20's for the first gentleman's club I worked at for the billboard. They made the club take it down! Can you believe that? It was replaced with a head shot, but I never liked it. It was over edited and I looked nothing like myself. 

     (I am so glad I didn't stick with those highlights.) 

And this is the billboard....

And this is the Newspaper article. 


I must admit I am quite proud that I got chosen to represent the club. Its a small club in an uptight town. It was some of the best times in my life. I learned so much working there. We were a close nit group, like a family. The money wasn't as great as what I made when I left to work in New Orleans, but it was still awesome.


March 08, 2014

Vivid Dreams

Good Morning!

I have been experiencing the most vivid and surreal dreams to the point I feel compelled to write about them. Some have been completely innocent and sweet and the rest have had me soaking in my own juices. The ones I enjoy the most are where I have explored sides of domination I haven't been able to in real life. Well, at least to that level.

I contribute the formation of last nights dream to the anticipated arrival of a tribute from a long time friend and admirer.

The dream started out with me receiving the envelope full of cash. I counted the money out and it was not the 1k I had I demanded. I was only counting $100. I was pretty peeved and started calling the boy,  who was ironically in the room with me. I told him of his error and he insisted that he had in fact sent 1k but would give me more because he had just been paid. So now I'm re counting the money to see if I had made an error, and my total was coming up to 3k. What an inflation.  So I decide to take the left over cash, from the 1k I was using for my deposit on my new house, and went shopping. I know right. So here I am at the mall of dream land, browsing the Tiffany & Co counter and here my boy is buying each and everything I try on...just in case. I think I walked away with 3 necklaces and a set of earrings that I didn't want. But I took them anyways because I'm just greedy like that. I put my bags in his hands, and took off walking in front of him leading to the next shop. I looked back to see him fumbling with my bags. From the side I could see a few patrons of the shops making fun of his clumsiness. I had to join in on the fun and add to his humiliation by commanding him to tighten up, and not to embarrass me. This is about the time I start getting wet. I hike my skirt up a bit higher showing off more leg and lead on. At the next shop I am trying on different outfits, mostly lingerie. I'm picking out some of the finest stockings and such, and allowing him to choose things he'd like to see me in. I would try them on, not let him see but ask the other men around their opinions of the outfits. It was pure torture for him and ecstasy for me. At this point I'm arranging a date with my real life suitor,  telling him all about the new stuff I just got. I see my boy getting all sorts of frustrated knowing that after all the things he was doing for me he was still going to go home never getting any type of release. As I am leaving to go to my date, my boy tells me how much it means to him to be able to participate in my life. Even if he is being used. And then....

I have a full blown orgasm. Literally.  I woke up in the middle of creaming my bed sheets. It was intense. The wet spot was at least a foot and a half in diameter. I am even getting a little hot just thinking about it. ;)

♡ Mercie

March 05, 2014

Abduction (A Fantasy)

OK. I just started writing this story and it is turning into more than I had hoped. I do believe that I may make this a series. Call them "49&Half Shades of Alien". I wrote this little synopsis.

Trey. Handsome, intelligent and successful car salesman had no problem catching women. That was until one out of this world beauty caught him. Intergalactic Female Supremacist is here for only one reason. To make trey her personal bitch. Put through countless tortures, random losses of consciousness, he is teetering on the edge of loosing himself.  Trey doesn't know when she will come or where making his life one huge question mark. Should he just give in? Let her take complete control? 

Hope you love it.
♡ Mercie