December 14, 2014


I am on vacation until January 5th. I do hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and wonderful New Years!

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December 13, 2014

Mercie the Giantess

Here is a little online role play, where I am a Divine Giantess, tormenting and trampling the helpless, and ever so tiny kharne. This was fun and My first time ever taking on the role of a Giantess. Thought I'd share the experience.


Kharne leans back as he looks up at MsMercie

MsMercie: oh your so cute and tiny. lol

 MsMercie looks down at tiny khar

Kharne slowly looks down to MsMercie's shoes, and swallows hard.

MsMercie: lol They're as tall as you!

Kharne: Y-yes... I see that.

MsMercie raises her shoe against kharne to judge his size.

MsMercie: you want to see the bottoms? They are nice and red

MsMercie raises her shoe to show kharne the soles of her heels.

Kharne looks nervously, shivering slightly as MsMercie's shoe is held up to him. "Um... s-sure?"

MsMercie: lol. Don't be scared.

MsMercie takes the heels and rubs the top of karnes tiny head

MsMercie: what are you afraid Im going to crush you?

Kharne let's out a tiny yelp, squirming in place as the heel rubs his head. "U-um... maybe?"

MsMercie: lol

MsMercies lightly presses on karnes tiny little head.

MsMercie: haha. I just might, your like a tiny little rat.

Kharne squeaks, bending over as the heel presses down on him.

 MsMercie: Don't run little karne

MsMercie pushes down a little harder.

MsMercie: you don't want me to squish you too soon.

Kharne crouches down as MsMercie's heel continues to press down on him.

MsMercie rubs tiny kharnes back with the sole of her heel.

MsMercie: are you scared to be under my shoe?

MsMercie laughs

MsMercie: you are! I would be too if I was so tiny and helpless

Kharne lowers himself to the floor as the heel rubs on him, laying on his back and looking up at MsMercie. "Y-yes?"

MsMercie: lol. you probably should be. you remind me of a nasty little rat and I don't like rats.

MsMercie: lol,but your so cute too!

Kharne lets out a scared little squeak.

MsMercie: Awww, how cute. It's scared. A scared little kharne

MsMercie takes the spike of her stiletto and puts it right in kharnes' scared little face

MsMercie: I could put this through your skull

Kharne stares at the tip of MsMercie's heel hovering over his face, eyes going wide. He starts to shiver.

MsMercie: lol

MsMercie takes her heel and places it right above where kharnes tiny little cock should be

MsMercie: or I could take care of this tiny little thing between your legs

Kharne squirms helplessly on the ground beneath MsMercie. Eye's fixed on her massive foot.

MsMercie: Ooooo

MsMercie smiles at the scared little kharne squirming under her heel.

MsMercie presses down on where kharnes cock should be

MsMercie nudges just a little harder

Kharne starts to squirm more frantically. groaning in pain as MsMercie's heel begins to press down on him.

MsMercie: lol. I could end it all right here. its not like your using that tiny thing anyways

MsMercie places the rest of the sole of her heel on kharnes torso, with his head at her toe.

MsMercie: Or I could just flatten you now like a pancake

Kharne (kharne.akami) begins to struggle beneath MsMercie's foot. Gasping as air is pressed from his lungs.

MsMercie presses down on kharne firmly.

MsMercie feels the struggling little rat under her shoe, She let up a little bit.

MsMercie: HAHAHA

Kharne (kharne.akami) moans in pain, choking as he struggles to breath.

MsMercie switches to her other foot.

MsMercie nudges kharne.

MsMercie: roll over

Kharne (kharne.akami) lets out a terrified squeak as he's rolled onto his stomach.

MsMercie takes her spiked stiletto to the small of kharnes back and press down firmly.

MsMercie: I could skewer you

MsMercie: but I dont want to get guts all over my new heels

Kharne (kharne.akami) cries out in pain, squirming helplessly as the heel presses into him.

MsMercie: oh I like the way you squirm

MsMercie: so helpless

MsMercie takes the spike heel and pulls kharnes shirt up to where his skin is exposed

MsMercie drags the spike down kharnes back starting from his neck

MsMercie pokes kharne in the ass.

MsMercie: I could sodomize you with this too. your so tiny and helpless. there is nothing you could do to stop me

Kharne (kharne.akami) cries out as MsMercie's heel is painfully dragged across his back, struggling as he tries to squirm away.

MsMercie: I don't know why your trying to get away

MsMercie: you cant get away from me

MsMercie presses down on kharnes back with her sole

Kharne (kharne.akami) yelps as he's pinned beneath MsMercie's foot.

MsMercie: gently shoves kharnes head down with the toe of her shoe

MsMercie: kiss the ground I walk on rat

Kharne (kharne.akami) makes a muffled sound as he slowly starts to kiss the floor.

MsMercie: that's right

MsMercie: you worship the ground I walk on, don't you?

Kharne (kharne.akami): /continues to kiss the ground, pausing for a moment to say. "Y-yes...?"

MsMercie: good.

MsMercie: but I don't think its going to save you

MsMercie: lol

MsMercie: is there anything else you have to say for yourself before I end your lowly existence ?

Kharne (kharne.akami): U-u-um... p...please don't?

MsMercie: lol

MsMercie pulls her heel up and puts the base of her shoe at kharnes side.

MsMercie: awwww

MsMercie: its begging for its life

MsMercie: how cute

MsMercie kicks kharne across the room


Kharne (kharne.akami) screams as he's kicked, landing on his back with a small thud.

MsMercie walks across the room and bends down to get a closer look at kharne.

MsMercie: awww. I think it really is scared.

Kharne (kharne.akami) lays on his back, breathing heavily. He looks up at MsMercie, a look of terror on his face.

MsMercie smiles as she pokes kharne with her finger.

MsMercie: ewww your squishy too

Kharne (kharne.akami) lets out a tiny squeak as he's poked.

MsMercie: your going to get guts everywhere!

MsMercie stands back up and raises her foot high above kharne , bringing her knees up to her chest

MsMercie: say your prayers kharne.

Kharne (kharne.akami) squirms helplessly as he stares up at the foot looming  over his tiny body.

MsMercie: lol

MsMercie violently brings her heels down in one swift motion....

MsMercie stopping only centimeters above kharnes tiny little body


Kharne (kharne.akami) screams as the heel almost crushes him.

MsMercie: lick it!

MsMercie: lick the bottom of My shoe!

Kharne (kharne.akami) slowly lifts his head up, Tiny body Shaking as he begins to carefully lick at MsMercie's sole.

MsMercie: awwww

MsMercie: If I didn't know better I would think you wanted out of this

Kharne (kharne.akami) continues to lick MsMercie's sole as he carefully moves his head to look up at her.

MsMercie presses down on kharnes tiny little head

MsMercie: what? I can't hear you

Kharne (kharne.akami) makes a muffled sound as MsMercie's foot presses down on his head, his tiny body squirming and failing from beneath her foot.

MsMercie: are you going to beg to keep your tiny little life?

MsMercie: I can't hear you!

MsMercie: lol

MsMercie laughs at the muffles little noises coming from under her devine foot

Kharne (kharne.akami) continues to struggle and squirm, the muffled sounds becoming louder and more panicked.

MsMercie snickers

MsMercie lifts the shoe ever so slightly

MsMercie: What was that little rat

Kharne (kharne.akami) breaths out a sigh of relief as MsMercie lifts her foot.

MsMercie peddles the sole of her shoe against kharne

MsMercie: I cant here you.

MsMercie: is there something you have to say?

Kharne (kharne.akami) gasp and chokes as MsMercie presses down on him, forcing the air form his lungs. "N-n-n-no?"

MsMercie: I didn't think so

MsMercie: Squish down hard on kharne

MsMercie: well if you have nothing to say...

Kharne (kharne.akami) makes a strange choking sound as MsMercie's foot presses down on him, tiny body struggling frantically as his torso compresses and he struggles to breath.

MsMercie shifts all her weight onto her right foot, crushing down hard on him

Kharne (kharne.akami) begins to struggle even more frantically, eventually there's a small, sharp gasp and a small crunching sound as his ribs collapse beneath MsMercie's foot.

MsMercie lets all of her weight on kharne, feeling the bones crack and pop under the force.

MsMercie see the blood begin to flow from under her sole.

MsMercie: damn.

Kharne (kharne.akami) lets his head fall back, body going limp beneath MsMercie's foot.

MsMercie: I bet hes stuck on my shoe like glue

MsMercie: Lifts her foot and can feel the stickiness of the tiny little body that used to be kharne

MsMercie: LOL

MsMercie: gross

MsMercie: poor kharne

MsMercie: he didn't stand a chance

December 11, 2014

Human Vase

Although I do agree with the sentiment...

I beg to differ! 

I've been toying around with the idea of having a FemDom gathering complete with wine, finger sandwiches, a sissy servant a long with some human furniture. Seeing this meme gave Me an idea for some decor to complete the gala... human vases! 

A butt plug outfitted with a bouquet of flowers placed in the anuses of bent over slaves. How quaint would that be?

December 09, 2014


One thing a lot of so called foot slaves do, is offer to pay for pedicures. Although it is a sweet gesture I prefer not. For one this is the sneaky little bastards way of trying to get all the perks of being a foot slave with none of the work. See, what they think is, "I pay for a pedicure, I get to do foot worship."

Um- No.

I want My foot slaves working. I have plenty for them to do to earn earn that worship.

Firstly, shoes and stockings.

 My foot slaves can come and organize My shoe collection and clean and polish those shoes that need  it. Any shoes needing repair are to be taken to the shoe repair shop by the slave and picked up before I need them.

My stockings are to be hand washed in lingerie soap and air dried. I prefer them laid flat. Any stockings that are ruined are not to be washed, but vacuum packed to be sold. Also an inventory is made of all My stockings according to color and style. If a pair is ruined an order will need to be placed for another pair. There is nothing more aggravating than not having the stockings I want for a particular outfit.

If this is done to My standards, I may allow then My slave to lie on its back while I dangle My feet just a few inches from its face. it may not touch My feet at all, although if I'm feeling rather generous I may smother it with My souls.

If slave has earned the right I may then teach it the proper way to perform a pedicure. I have all the products I enjoy stocked at home.

Nail clippers
Foot scrub
Foot bath/soak
Cuticle remover gel
Cuticle clippers & pusher
Pro Grater Foot File
Foot Spa (I have a Brookstone Heated Aqua Massager)
Polish (I have the gel system with uv light)
Foot masque
Towel to be heated
Hot Rocks
Bottle of Wine

I teach My foot slaves the proper pedicure techniques that I enjoy, right down to a full calf massage using hot rocks. There are many video tutorials on you tube you can require a slave to watch which will take some burden off of you having to explain everything. Also I have My slaves practice applying polish several times a week on itself at home. it applies polish and sends Me photos of its work. Assigned homework.

When a foot slave proves its self sufficient at basic pedicure and massage techniques, I like to challenge them by requiring them to learn about reflexology.

I also teach My slaves proper cleaning techniques of all My tools. Everything should be properly cleaned and cared for so bacteria does not develop and cause a nasty infection. Click here for more information.

As far as I am concerned, this in itself is a reward for a foot slave. Getting to touch and pamper My lovely feet. If a foot slave shows improvement in its skills, I may begin rewarding with allowing it to kiss the soles of My feet. The really good slave that masters its skills may be given even greater rewards, such as taking ruined stockings home with it, or even getting to pick out nail colour for Me. How Lucky!
This is how it should be done!
It is so much nicer to have a pedicure performed in the comfort of your own home (or dungeon) where you can relax with entertainment of your own choosing. Music, movies or books. Also this way you know all your products are clean and the chance of catching a strangers foot fungus is impossible. Above all else, this time allows you and your slave a chance to bond and makes the salves existence more meaningful.

December 08, 2014

Tributes are not payments.

Tributes are not payments

Some slaves show their devotion through the painful rigors of physical punishment. In the world of financial domination a slave shows his devotion through tributes.

Tributes are NOT payments. A tribute is a gift, a testimonial, compliment or the like given in acknowledgement of gratitude and esteem. you are not buying a product. you are not buying a service. 

I do not have prices. 

you are giving to Me because I am. you are giving to me because you get intense satisfaction out of pleasing ME. you are giving to Me because you acknowledge MY superiority as a Dominant Woman and you want ME to live a life of luxury and easy. Again, you are not purchasing anything. My time and My attention is not for sale. 

It should be reward enough to express your adoration for My beauty and power through financial gifts, yet occasionally I will bestow "rewards" on My paypets who have contributed to My life. Those who have shown their humble respect to Me as the Woman I am and have made the sincere effort to indulge My every desire. Those rewards are what I choose for you. They can't be bought. Otherwise I would be selling you a product. I would be doing you a service and I am not here to serve you. you are here to serve Me. 

Its easy to get My screen name but damn near impossible to get My attention. I appreciate and am always flattered by tributes in any amount, although BIGGER IS ALWAYS better. you will be happier with yourself for doing all that you can to make Me happy and I am more likely to notice your efforts. 

If you at to start getting noticed by Me you can shop My Amazon Wishlist  or send Me an Amazon gift card via  

Happy Tributing!
 -Ms. Mercie