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I’m not simply into nylons,

I've developed a higher degree of fetish love of
Fully Fashioned Stockings.
It's an all-embracing addiction, and I am...
Addicted to the 6 Secret-words, as I call them:

the Sound, the Sheen, the Sheerness, the Squishiness the Slickness of Fully Fashioned Stockings.

   When I was very young I adored old movies. The men were true gentlemen and the women were sensual and provocative without being vile. I’d watch a beautiful woman on screen effortlessly put a man in his place then walk away draped in fine fur and with gams clad in sheer stockings. A status symbol of the truly dominate goddesses of the silver screen. I wanted to be just like them. I wanted that power and that ability to make a man drop to his knees in an instant. And I found I too could wield that power with one simple tool. My legs.

   I didn’t have the luxury of fine lingerie in my younger years. I played around with cheap nylons from the local department store and was never really satisfied. They were made of poor quality and always snagged. It wasn’t until I met my first true foot fetishist that I got to experience vintage stockings. Fully fashioned sexiness.

   Truly divine. Slipping them on I could feel the delicate soft nylon in my hands. Smooth like warm milk as I pulled them over my ankles and up my womanly thighs. Now my calves glistened with the luster of this fine fabric. The welt looked exquisite. Jet black against my lightly tanned legs. No I didn’t need the stockings. My legs are perfect. But the stockings made it all the better. When I walked my thighs would rub together to produce a sound that drove men crazy. And to touch my rock hard legs was like touching cool, *soft* glass if you can imagine that.

   I admired myself in the mirror. The seams lined up perfectly with my thin stiletto heel. Long and seek. And the welts peeked from under my pencil skirt. I loved it. I knew then and there, I would never buy any inferior pair of stockings ever again.

   And I haven’t. I have several benefactors who keep my legs clad in only the finest pantyhose and stockings. I personally prefer my thigh highs, Dita’s collection from Secrets in Lace particularly. I love my regular pantyhose from Wolford. Preferably ones without gussets. I love not wearing panties with them! Keeps the boys guessing.

Now as for how my stockings taste, you can ask one of my sub missives.

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