January 02, 2016

Welcome to the New Year!

2015 was a wonderful year for Me. Not only did I get to see My Online Utopia blossom, but My personal "VANILLA" business venture has proven itself rather successful as well. I see only good things in store for 16!

To the joy of My devoted, I have resumed In-call sessions on a select basis. And a first for Me...I'm touring.

Limited Sessions are available

Winter sessions

January 5- March 20 New Orleans House only.

Spring Sessions

March 25- April 30 Slidell In-call

May 3- May 7  Salt Lake Dungeon, Min 3 hour session

May 9- May 12 Las Vegas NV

May 15- May 19 Phoenix AZ

June 5- June 20 Slidell In-call